Organic fertilizer from BAC

organic fertilizer

Are you a grower looking to achieve a great harvest? Look no further than BAC organic products which have been developed to specifically suit the requirements of organic cultivation. Farming has evolved into a business and to make the most out of it you should consider using organic fertilizer. Not only are they environmentally friendly but will make your business more sustainable. They play a key role and when compared to chemical fertilizers they have numerous benefits. Organic products are made from natural products such as animal or vegetable ingredients and the nutrients contained in them include phosphorous, nitrogen, and potassium. Bacteria and fungi are among the microorganisms that break down these fertilizers releasing these nutrients into the soil.

organic fertilizer

The advantages of using these products

Organic fertilizers from BAC have numerous benefits including:
• They improve the soil structure making it airy and nice.
• They do not damage the roots.
• They remain active for longer.
• Are environmentally friendly.
• Minimal to no leaching of nutrients.
• They add organic matter to the soil, making the plants more healthy and fertile.
By improving the structure of the soil plants optimize the available nutrients becoming healthier and more fertile which results in a great harvest. Combining BAC’s stimulators and fertilizers from organic products increases the activity of microorganisms in the soil. This leads to the conversion of organic matter into amino and humic acids. However, oxygen is required for this process and it is widely available in the atmosphere. Fertile soil with high biodiversity is the result of using BAC’s products. Plants use nutrients and water from the improved soil structure ensuring they are beautiful, healthy and develop a great resistance against pests and diseases.
BAC’s employees are happy to share with you their extensive knowledge of crop cultivation. Feel free to contact us anytime.

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